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Our Pad Launch

By Hannah Jackson.

We are incredibly excited to announce we will begin selling our own reusable menstrual pads soon! A huge amount of effort has gone into the creation of these pads and everything from the materials to packaging has been considered. We believe in dignified and comfortable menstruation and believe our pads - both as products and as examples of our ethics - will add to that. 

About our pads.

Our pads are made of four layers of the best material to ensure comfort and provide protection against leaks. The top two layers of our pads are recycled cotton, which is gentler and more comfortable against the skin than disposable pads. As well as being extra sustainable by using recycled cotton, no two pads are the same! Our nylon core is leak proof and comfortably absorbent, although the number of times you'll have to change it depends on your flow.  

Who made my pads?

Sustainability is incredibly important to us, being the driving force behind our philosophy of selling reusable …
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Free Flow Fast Facts: Period Poverty

By Hannah Jackson. Period poverty affects 1 in 10 menstruators in the UK, whilst only 12% of those who experience periods in India have access to safe menstrual products. There are a number of similarities contributing to the figures from the UK and India, such as cultural taboos and shame, high taxation on period products, and a lack of education surrounding menstruation. Period poverty is absolutely grounded in misogyny and economic patriarchy, under which the tampon tax allows for menstrual products to be taxed as a luxury whilst the so called ‘pink tax’ adds more tax to feminine marketed products such as razors. Although the UK has committed to scrapping the 5% tax on period products from 2021, with the economic fallout as a result of the pandemic many charities have reported a surge in people experiencing period poverty; Leeds based charity Freedom4Girls reported 15 times the usual amount of aid being requested since March, and predict this figure will continue to rise. With this…

Meet the Team

By Hannah Jackson.
Free Flow is run by a team of eight members, all passionate about ending period poverty and improving education surrounding menstrual health. As part of Enactus Sheffield’s international portfolio, Free Flow is a conscious project aimed towards implementing sustainable and respectful change as part of our global outreach in India. Keep reading to learn more about our current active members and what Free Flow means for us.

Eloise, Project Leader: I’m Eloise and I’m a Business Management and Economics student at the University of Sheffield. I became project leader of Free Flow this April after working for Free Flow as the manufacturing director from October. I love working for Free Flow as I believe that no one should be ashamed of menstruating and everyone should have access to safe sanitary products. The short film ‘Period. End of Sentence’ really inspired me to do everything I could to make a change and really highlighted the issue of period poverty in India. I think…